Ubisoft Cancels Steep On Nintendo Switch

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The Wii U effect… that’s what Nintendo suffered half a decade ago when the Wii U came out. It was an interesting little console, but it failed to pick up a sizable audience due to poor sales, being overly expensive, and having poor support from third-party developers later into its life cycle. Worse yet is that a lot of the ports for the Wii U didn’t sell very well and also suffered from quality issues, such as having horrible graphics or poor playability. While the Wii U had some moderate support early in its lifespan, eventually the compounding issues resulted in game companies abandoning the Wii U, leaving Nintendo to fend for itself. We’re seeing a smidgen of that residual effect bleed over into the Nintendo Switch, where some game companies are pulling support for projects on the Switch after first announcing them or prototyping them on Nintendo’s hybrid hardware. One game, in particular, that was originally going to make its way to the Nintendo Switch but is now being shelved by its publisher is Ubisoft’s multi-discipline, open-world extreme sports racing game, Steep.

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