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A lot of things don’t, don’t really exist anymore

A lot of things don’t, don’t really exist anymore

Mar. 27, 2018 4 Min.
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Stella Meris



In “A lot of things don’t, don’t really exist anymore” I talk to myself about my religious upbringing. I grew up in a fundamental Christian community that built their identity on the understanding of Christianity to be the only true way of living, and therefore a critical reflection about the absolute rightness of their beliefs was utterly out of question. Nonbelievers were seen as “lacking something”, as people who either need to be educated or avoided. A binary opposition which decried all non-Christian cultures and people as incomplete was imposed, in order to define their own Christian identity as superior and to gain power over the other. The supremacy of an all-encompassing God who divides the world in “right” and “wrong”, “heaven” and “hell” and the demand to commit to such a God always felt restrictive to me and deprived me of the agency.

Original title A lot of things don't, don't really exist anymore

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